Are you READY TO

come home
to yourself

and live a more true life?

Perhaps you’re finding yourself here because:

If some or all of the above resonate,
you’re in the right place!

you're not alone

You’re at a crossroads, a liminal space, a threshold. Maybe you feel like you’re in metamorphosis, or about to enter the cocoon. 

Perhaps it feels like you’re swimming in between two shores, in between who you used to be and who you might be becoming.

Historically, you’ve been busy trying to live up to others’ expectations, over-functioning, over-giving, ignoring the inner voice that whispers to you, not trusting yourself.

You know there is more to life than you’re currently experiencing. You’re hungry for more. You long to discover yourself, to get to know who you truly are at your depths and what this life is all about. Why you're here.

You want to heal your old wounds, trust yourself, love yourself fully, feel worthy, at home in your body and life.

You long to live in alignment with your truth and feel free to express your unique voice and what you came here to do.

You want to live fully and authentically with a sense of belonging, meaning and deep purpose.

You can’t go back to what was, yet you don’t know what’s coming next. You may be unsure of your next step.

An earnest search fueled by deep longing, a crisis, or a wakeup call may have brought you to the crossroads: an excruciating loss, an accident, illness, burnout, end of a relationship, getting fired from a job, immigration.

You’ve spent so much of your energy pleasing others, being perfect, trying to live up to impossible standards, abandoning yourself in the process, maybe feeling not good enough, like you’ve failed.

If you’re like many of the clients I work with 

You're seeking to connect to the deep Self within 

This program will show you how

Gain a deeper understanding of who you are

Experience more self acceptance, self love, joy, aliveness, inner peace

Do the inner work to transform and heal from the inside out  

Break through patterns, stories and ways of being that no longer serve you 

Face yourself and integrate the medicine at the core of your wounds 

Learn to work with resistance rather than against it 

Trust yourself and recover your sense of vulnerability and inner belonging 

Learn to hear the voice of your Soul, create a stronger connection to your true essence, and reclaim your deep inner knowing 

Come home to yourself and feel more rooted 

Feel more empowered, safe and free to express who you are 

Align with the will of your Soul, your true purpose 

Find a sense of clarity, direction, life meaning

Live a deeply fulfilling and satisfying life guided by your inner truth 

Learn a timeless map and tools for navigating and tending your lifelong journey

Inner Transformation is right for you if you are ready to:

Alecs came to this program after overcoming the initial stages of an excruciating personal crisis: illness, motherhood and postpartum depression. She was ready to earnestly start looking inward and was looking for a soul-led approach to go deeper into the shadow and inner child. Her desire was to feel at home in herself.

“You've helped me feel safe to face my shadows. I have been able to go deeper inwards than ever before and I now have the tools to continue that descent when I feel ready. I have a roadmap. 

I’ve had several major breakthroughs over the course.
There is a sense of hope deep down, of a light waiting to burst forth. I know it’s possible to reemerge from the ashes, because I have your example, Agata, and the example of our group who have gone through it, and are still working at it.

My biggest takeaway is that I’m not alone in my struggles. The group container opened me up to that, and some days it makes all the difference knowing that I’m not alone.”


Meet Alecs

This program is for people who want to look into themselves, who are willing to be present and go deep, who are drawn to this work and way of life. It is for those that hear the call of the Soul, the wakeup call or crisis, for those who feel stuck, restless, or are simply ready to take the leap and live more authentically and in alignment with their original nature. It is for those who can value the sacred in all things and endure the psychological, emotional or physical discomfort, if any arise as part of the process.

While this course will provide a safe container, if you are in an active crisis, you need to be grounded enough to hold yourself through the emotional currents if and when they arise. If this is not possible at this time, individual therapy would be a better option.

Please keep in mind that the psyche has its own wisdom and rhythm and while the process can be initiated and invited, it cannot be forced or quickened. It is meant to be surrendered to and walked consciously. With time and dedicated tending, the process will naturally lead to a birth of new consciousness – a new and more true way of being. 

This program will awaken you to your journey and equip you with tools so that you can keep walking your path as it naturally unfolds. 

Sandra was looking to heal from early childhood wounding. She was drawn to this program because she was interested in using dreams and myths as tools to connect with the inner self as a source of healing and inner knowing.

“This course is a catalyst for transformation as revelations and breakthroughs are likely to be available to you in the most surprising and enriching way.

Two weeks into the course, my dreams became more frequent and remembered. They are now a source of continuous revelation on what it is that operates beyond my conscious awareness. Working with my dreams in this therapeutic way has become a powerful and insightful process.

I’ve had many “aha” moments as alienated parts fall together. The images taken from the mythological stories provide a visual structure that has helped me ground my emotional process in a way that diffuses its traumatic charge and helps me contain difficult feelings.”


Meet Sandra

program outline

SESSION 1: Map and Tools for the Journey

○ Map of the inner terrain: ego, Soul, Spirit 
○ Creating a safe container for the inner journey
○ Four windows of perception
○ Giving voice to what lives inside
○ Emotional tending, clearing and grounding
○ Resistance to change  

SESSION 2: Initiating Wholeness

○ Myth as Medicine: "The Descent of Inanna" 
○ Initiation of an archetypal process of Soul recovery
○ The cycle of life-death-life and the individuation journey
○ Patriarchy and its shadow
○ Feminine and masculine consciousness 

SESSION 3: Shadow and Inner Child

○ False self vs True Self
○ Shadow and projections 
○ Wounds, conditioning and socialization  
○ Coping and survival patterns
○ Healing the Inner Child

SESSION 4: Dreams and Alchemy

○ Dreamwork as map of the individuation journey
○ Three levels of working with dreams
○ Archetypes, symbols and synchronicity 
○ Inner alchemy and transformation 

SESSION 5: Coming Home to Soul

○ Soul loss and suffering in daily life
○ The call to come home to yourself
○ Soul home and the meaning of life
○ Tending the inner well
○ Myth as Medicine: "Sealskin Soulskin"

SESSION 6: Inner Critic and Inner Truth

○ Inner critic and inner conflict
○ Self love and self acceptance
○ Recovery of power and personal authority 
○ Inner truth and boundaries
○ Trust, vulnerability, beauty and surrender

SESSION 7: Soul Origins and Destiny

○ Theories of Soul origin
○ Fate, destiny and life purpose
○ Ancestral repetition of fate and ancestral shadow 
○ Desire, longing and passion as impulses from Soul 
○ Soulcentric relationships 
○ Co-creating with the Mystery

SESSION 8: Harvest and Next Steps

○ Integration and absorption of the process and work
○ Soul collage and archetypal memoir 
○ Creating a lifelong practice 

Charlotte was drawn to this program as she was curious about the inner journey and the process of death-rebirth, which was brewing in her life for a couple of years.

“This program is a homecoming!

The biggest piece I took away is that there is this deep soul calling within me.
It can sometimes feel like everything is too late. That I missed the boat, I just messed it all up. And really, I’ve realized that I’m just in the process of it, just in the middle of it.

I’ve had wakeup calls and several of them (car accident, health concerns). They were significant, but I didn’t quite understand them. Now I see that beneath those wakeup calls, there was this soul calling me and nudging me to come home.”


Meet Charlotte

Our tools for the descent into the unconscious will include: 

embodied awareness-based inner exploration
emotional processing and integration 
process writing
shadow work
myth and poetry
dream work
ritual action
creative expression
active imagination
authentic movement
mindfulness, meditation and stillness

Each weekly session will include teaching, inner work, and group sharing, all with an emphasis on the experiential process. 

Inner Transformation is inspired by Jungian and depth psychology, body centered psychotherapy, Marion Woodman's BodySoul approach, Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ story as medicine, the natural cycles of renewal and the soul’s evolutionary spiral, as well as the psychospiritual vision of Tibetan, mystical and shamanistic traditions. 

Pavitra joined the program as she was feeling stuck. She was not happy in her relationships, was reactive, but didn’t have the courage to express her voice and shift out of reactivity.

“I’ve found my true self!
It was hidden below layers and layers of repression and self-criticism.
I feel more alive than I ever felt before.

The one thing that really shifted for me was my ability to speak my truth and to set healthy boundaries. I’m now feeling more present, more aware, and more courageous to be myself, to express who I am, to take the right action and fulfill my destiny.
I can also see my true calling, my dharma.”


Meet Pavitra

Each week you will access through a private online classroom a pre-recorded video teaching and embodied experiential guided inner work session to work through at your own pace during the week.

To integrate the teachings and inner work, we will have a weekly live group call on Zoom. These calls are held on Wednesdays 12 - 1pm PST.

The live calls are an opportunity to ask questions, share your journey with others, and if you choose, sit in the hot seat and engage in inner work in a group setting.

The intention is to create genuine connection, and to feel held and supported by a safe container as you walk this path.

You will have access to the teachings and inner work materials for a period of 9-months. You will be able to download all of the tools you receive in the program. The video lessons and inner work sessions are not downloadable.  

how it 


Pamela had been going through a couple of years of inner work. Her mind was loud, and she was not yet trusting herself fully. She was drawn to this course as she was looking for something to take her to the next level of her healing journey.

“After the entire course was completed, it took me a week to realize I broke through something. It was a sense of relief.

The breakthrough was more of a feeling. I used to wake up with this feeling of anxiety and uncertainty – and I still have those moments – but I woke up one day with a sense of peace that I haven’t felt for a really long time. A sense of direction. I could breathe.”


Meet Pamela

Throughout my life I’ve had my share of unwanted initiations and learned, often the hard way, how to listen more deeply and surrender to my Soul path. These experiences, while humbling, have been my greatest teachers, and have inspired me to create Inner Transformation. 

I have been immersed in the field of depth psychology and self discovery since 2007, and in private practice since 2012. I hold a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, and carry the designation of Registered Clinical Counsellor and Psychotherapist. 

Over the years, I’ve had the honour to guide and hold space for hundreds of individuals, couples, families and groups in their quest for wholeness. My work is rooted in depth psychology: Jungian, body centered psychotherapy, Gestalt; as well as family constellations and ancestral healing rituals. My approach is also influenced by the sacred traditions of Tibet, mystical Kabbalah, shamanistic nature based spiritualities, evolutionary astrology, and Tarot as mirror of the individuation journey.

My approach focuses on healing and recovering one’s true expression from the impact of childhood wounds, conditioning, socialization and intergenerational trauma. People that I've worked with have called me a midwife of their death-rebirth process.

I have an immense passion for this work, and continue to be in awe of the Mystery that permeates our being and the deep innate currents of transformation and renewal within our psyche. 


Hi, I’m Agata!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the teachings and inner work modules on the online course platform for a period of 9-months. During that time, you can go back as often as you like and keep revisiting.

The teaching videos are 45 min – 1 hour in length. The guided inner work can be completed in 30 min - 45 min. Please keep in mind that this course is an invitation to develop a regular practice and relationship with your depths. Additional practices will be suggested for in between sessions to help to build momentum in your process. There is no expectation for you to complete it all. Do what you can and what your life and schedule allow for.

I’m confident this program will help you connect to your True Self within, initiate an organic process of change and equip you with tools to tend it IF you do the work and participate fully, which is why I’m offering a 100% risk-free money back guarantee. Here’s how it works: If you don't love Inner Transformation, just email Agata with your completed inner work from sessions 1 - 8, by the end of week 8 (from when you purchased the course) and you’ll be refunded in full. If you don’t submit your completed coursework by that deadline, no refund will be issued. This also applies to payment plans, which means you’ll be responsible for all payments after that date. Please note this deadline is firm.

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8 pre-recorded modules of teachings, tools, and guided embodied experiential inner work

8 live group calls on Zoom for sharing, questions, and witnessing
- Held on Wednesdays 12 - 1pm PST
- Calls are ongoing (there will be no call on Aug 7, 14, 21 due to summer break)

9 months of access to online class platform filled with 8 modules of teachings & inner work

Inner Transformation

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