Are you ready to align with your true nature and live more meaningfully?

Discover your authentic voice and come into a deeper relationship with yourself and life through the practice of embodied therapeutic writing.

I provide guidance and safe sacred space for your inner process of transformation and reconnection to your most authentic expression. I work with people who are looking to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life in alignment with their core essence. 

Over the years, I realized that the path to healing is a path to the Self. 

What I mean by the Self is the unique image of wholeness that each of us is born with. An inner truth held deep within our core. The spontaneous and authentic expression experienced as inner freedom, aliveness, creative flow, passion, trust and an openness to life and love. 

i'm agata

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"Agata helped me work through deeply hidden painful experiences from childhood that I had been carrying with me, making personal relationships very difficult. I suffered from heartbreak, abandonment, betrayal, shame and anger. A lot of my childhood was not safe. Agata has the ability to make therapy safe, and is a great guide that allows me to be free to deeply feel whatever comes up emotionally. She is non-judgmental and so patient, calm and caring. I would recommend her therapy sessions to anyone."

"Through our session this past fall, I found a deeper trust in myself, my soul. A stronger sense of the roots that ground me. Thank you for helping me to better integrate that. It was just what I needed at this point in my journey."

"Your guidance and supportive healing space have allowed me to grow and work towards belonging to myself again. Although I feel I have a long way to go, I feel more myself than I have in a very long time. Thank you for that."

"It was truly a pleasure to work with you and to benefit from your tender and confident magic. Looking back over the past few years I see how each healer, each stepping stone, opened me and prepared me for the next. You are exactly what I needed at that time and for that I am grateful!"

"This work has been life changing.
I appreciate you."

"Thank you for your beautiful insight and deep knowing.
I'm truly grateful for you."

"This is the only therapy I feel excited about. Other therapies leave me feeling sad and fragile."

"Agata, I just wanted to say thank you for everything this past year. I truly feel the work I've done with you this year has helped me heal on such a deep level. You are an incredible healer and woman. Thanks for being a model of authenticity. May the next year bring you lots of blessings :)" 

​“What Agata is doing in the therapy room is something much more artful than listening to me. She is gently and skillfully getting me to listen to myself. She tirelessly advocates for the still, small voice that is speaking through bodily complaints and processes.”

“The way I think about my past and inner critic has been re-wired. Instead of believing the negative voice that’s in my head, I now let it pass with no attachment. Even though I'm still working on this, I let my real voice, my true self, speak as freely as possible. I let it be heard fully and consciously. Letting both voices speak, knowing which voice is truly mine and which one to let go of and pass is something that has shifted and transformed my way of being.”

“Every time I have a session with Agata, I have more insight into my behaviour and the life that I have created, and an emotional shift occurs as well, which leaves me feeling grounded and hopeful to make further changes in my life. It is an empowering therapy process and I am so grateful to have her support in my life. Agata is a very caring and intuitive counsellor who is able to nurture her clients in a compassionate, safe and non-judgmental way that allows for true healing to occur."

“I felt Agata had a different approach, not only scientific but also spiritual, even mystic. With her, I found a different therapy experience, more complete. An analogy I'd use is that of a Sherpa, someone that knows the road but doesn't walk it for you. Someone who knows the perils and the ways to get there, and that stays next to you through the journey, reaching milestone after milestone, celebrating as you do. I will always be thankful to you Agata for walking my path with me. I'm sure you have helped many people to improve their life experience, you have certainly transformed mine.”

“For me, just talking through the problem won't help because I can analyze it myself. But when I work with my subconscious using these techniques, it is when I see the value and result. I now experience fewer panic attacks and anxieties, more self-confidence, more trust in myself and the Universe. My relationships have improved. I am very happy that I found you Agata and that we can use such amazing tools as hypnosis and family constellations in our sessions.” 

​"Agata has been guiding me through the grief work related to the loss of my pregnancy and my divorce. She is very compassionate and provides a safe space for healing and change to unfold. She has the unique ability of meeting me where I’m at and uses a holistic approach to guide me through the obstacles at hand. " 

“Through the work with Agata, I obtained a deeper knowledge about myself. And with that knowledge, acceptance has come and many pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. This has given me a more rounded understanding, perception and acceptance of myself. Through it, the anger that I felt at the beginning has subsided. The intolerance that I many times showed towards others, the reactiveness has been transformed.” 

​"It has been a powerful experience in bringing awareness to the actions that I take in my life. At first, I was nervous but immediately felt at ease talking with Agata. She provides a professional, insightful calm environment to allow you to discover a variety of solutions and steps to better the challenges you are experiencing in your life. If you have unresolved traumas or difficult life situations, she is an amazing empathetic counsellor to work to with."

“My life was a mess and hope had been slipping away for quite some time. All I had been feeling was depression and anxiety, for months… maybe longer. On and off for years, actually. I spent all of my life before therapy basically walking around completely unaware of how I was feeling. I was on autopilot. Therapy with Agata taught me how to live a mindful life. I’m simply a more present person now. I’m more compassionate and caring. I’m more comfortable just being myself. I’m in tune with my feelings. That’s been life-changing.”

"Agata, thank you very much for the session! My anger is gone :) "

“Thanks for your work with our family. In a way I haven’t seen before, my daughter seems to be curious about looking at herself not just through the lens of addiction.”