A little story of how this film came to be ...

During a time that once was and is now gone forever, I found myself in a crisis. A dark night of soul that threw me into such pain and darkness, I often wondered if I’d make it through. My life crumbled and I was desperate for answers, as suffering without meaning is unbearable. Those answers slowly came and I felt contained, as I dove deeper into Jungian psychology, alchemy, dreamwork, and ancient myths of descent that contained psychic maps and instructions for how to safely cross over.

While in the midst of my ordeal, a poem came to me one day as I was waking up. I’ve never really written poetry before. I quickly caught the words on paper before they disappeared into the light of day. I would repeat this poem like a prayer, a mantra. Over and over. It was repeating me, and was helping me somehow … keeping me connected … helping me process … digest … integrate ... cross over.

The poem called to be moved through my body. I let myself be moved by it. Along with the words and movement, images came. I felt the need to capture this somehow, to bring these images to life. And so, the film was born.

Moving through this inner and outer journey highlighted a lack of understanding and guidance in our society and culture for how to walk this path safely and arrive intact having integrated the process. Without proper guidance and anchoring, the journey of descent and renewal can become dangerous, as one can get stuck in the underworld, in the darkness, become cynical, depressed, sick, or suicidal.   

In the sharing of this work, it is my intention and prayer that this film be a useful medicine for others. May it serve as a reminder, a map, an invitation for the undertaking of an inner journey to the sanctuary and heart of your true Self as you walk your own path of individuation.

Blessings on your journey, Dear Soul!

With love,


A film of embodied poetry. An archetypal memoir. A journey through grief and the cycle of renewal.

"Do not imagine that the journey is short; and one must have the heart of a lion to follow this unusual road, for it is very long and the sea is deep. One plods along in a state of amazement, sometimes smiling, sometimes weeping. As for me, I shall be happy to discover even a trace of him. That would indeed be something, but to live without him would be a reproach. A man must not keep his soul from the beloved but must be in a fitting state to lead his soul to the court of the King. … If you submit with grace, the beloved will give his life for you."   - Farid Ud-Din Attar, 1177

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