I provide guidance and safe sacred space for your inner process of transformation and reconnection to your most authentic expression. I work with people who are looking to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life in alignment with their core essence.  

I hold a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and a Registered Clinical Counsellor designation with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.

I have been immersed in the field of depth psychology and self discovery since 2007, and in private practice since 2012. My personal experience in therapy has been the most influential factor in shaping and informing my work with clients. It was the basis of my Master’s thesis, which was published and is available from Amazon

I'm agata


Over the years, I realized that the path to healing is a path to the Self. 
What I mean by the Self is the unique image of wholeness that each of us is born with. An inner truth held deep within our core. The spontaneous and authentic expression experienced as inner freedom, aliveness, creative flow, passion, trust and an openness to life and love.  

As children, we are naturally rooted in this sense of wholeness. Yet for most of us a process of wounding and conditioning begins in our early life that often disconnects us from who we truly are. We then carry within us a wounded inner child and develop identities, perceptions, inner images, life stories, behaviours and patterns of relating based on these inner wounds. Through the therapeutic process, many clients realize that their present struggles are rooted in these early experiences. 

If disconnection from the true Self brings about conflict and suffering, a process of reconnection with the deep authentic Self will bring about change, healing and growth. 

My intention as a therapist is to support you in consciously facing and moving through difficult or limiting experiences, so that you may emerge on the other side renewed and transformed. Cultivating through this inner journey a deeper sense of self love, self awareness, acceptance, peace, belonging, life meaning and purpose, forgiveness, clarity, understanding, inner truth, personal power, and the freedom to live more authentically and enjoyably in the present.


Within each one of us there is a natural inherent drive towards wholeness. The body-mind knows how to heal itself. It knows how to evolve. But we cannot think our way to it. To connect to this organic process of transformation within, we need to descend into the inner terrain, into the feelings, sensations, images and knowings that dwell there. Trust and allow this process to unfold. Embrace and tend it patiently. This is true change from the inside out. Guided by the inner intelligence – the Mystery that lives within.

As we peel away the layers of wounding, conditioning and socialization, we come to the essence at the center of our being. Our true nature. Reconnecting to that deep spring within, we live our life in alignment with soul, which is ultimately the purpose of our lives. 

My work is holistic and inclusive of body, mind and soul. Soul being the instinctive nature, the force that animates our being, spirit embodied.

I approach the inner world and the unconscious with deep reverence for the Self and the inherent intelligence that dwells within. I work in a compassionate, safe and empowering way and offer a space and presence that is warm, validating, respectful and supportive of healing.

My work continues to be informed by my own lived experience, a lived truth. My approach to the therapeutic process is rooted in depth psychology and the following methods: 

My approach is also influenced by a number of spiritual traditions as over the years, I have been a student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and Bön – Dzogchen, Vajrayana, Tantra – Kashmir Shaivism, esoteric Kabbalah, shamanistic and nature based spiritualities, evolutionary astrology, and Tarot as therapeutic mirror.

Body Centered Psychotherapy 
Jungian Psychology 
BodySoul approach of Marion Woodman
Gestalt Therapy 
Dream work
Shadow work
Inner Child 
Clinical hypnosis
Family Constellations and Ancestral Healing
Movement, expressive therapies and creativity as healer 

What is depth psychology?

Generously provided by Dr. James Hollis

I grew up in a small village in northwestern Poland surrounded by forest, lake and farming fields. For the first 6 years of my life, my family home was on the edge of the village, and with no children nearby to play with, I spent much of my days in solitude with frogs and snails as my companions. While lonely at times, this experience fostered a deep connection to and reverence for the natural world. 

At the age of 14, I left behind this pristine land when my family moved to Canada due to political instability and the search for greener pastures. 

While I have always been drawn to the area of healing and wellness, when I entered university, I pursued the conventional medical path and enrolled in pharmacology. As a student, I worked in a drug research and development lab and later got a job in forensic psychiatry at a maximum-security facility.

about agata

Your visions will become clear only
when you can look into your own heart
Who looks outside, dreams
Who looks inside, awakes

C.G. Jung

Not finding myself in these fields and seeking financial stability, I did a complete U-turn and pursued a Master’s in Business Administration, which landed me on the corporate side of the pharmaceutical industry and later as a consultant to local governments on big scale healthcare projects. Despite the status, paycheque and office with a view, I felt unfulfilled and depressed. I lived a double life – the person that wore a mask and went to work, and the real me when the workday was over.

This split eventually became unbearable and I got physically ill. It became clear to me that my soul was desperately calling me to align myself with a truer path. While my family thought it was risky, I felt I had no choice but to leave the golden handcuffs and start again. After some soul searching and looking into fields ranging from naturopathy and chiropractic to massage and energy healing, it became obvious that psychotherapy was my true calling. It is an area that I am most passionate about and feel most at home in. 

I have a particular interest in how childhood wounds, conditioning and socialization form into relational and physical patterns, concealing the expression of the true Self.

As a relentless seeker and geek, I continue to mine the fields of depth psychology, alchemy and mysticism seeking further guidance, revelation and growth. 

Are you ready to align with your true nature and live more meaningfully?

Discover your authentic voice and come into a deeper relationship with yourself and life through the practice of embodied therapeutic writing.